Hack To Make Greens Taste Good

Hack To Make Greens Taste Good

Broccoli. Let’s be honest. It’s disgusting...

Especially if it’s mushy and boiled or steamed.

Ever feel like you’re constantly in the kitchen trying to mass cook greens because you only have so many spots on the stove and so many places for pots? There’s a solution to do a mass cook of greens AND it can stay crunchy and crispy!

Here’s how!

1. Spray lightly with coconut oil and sprinkle liberally with seasoning.
(I used lemon garlic Flavor God seasoning. Pick it up at any supplement store near you!)

2. Roast at 375 until desired.

3. DONE! See easy right? Tastes delicious too!
(I used bagged broccoli from Costco. Sometimes I’m lazy.)

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