The difference between Max Capacity & Max Perform

Hey guys, Mike Kesthely here with Nova3labs.
I'm the founder and formulator and I want to talk about the difference between max perform and max capacity.
What is Max Perform?
Max Perform is a powdered branch chain amino acid supplement that will increase your time to exhaustion, decrease your rate of perceived exertion.
It's glycogen sparing, and, offers some essential amino acids to boost some post-workout recovery.
What about max capacity?
Max capacity is designed to take in conjunction with max perform. It is a non stimulatory mental focusing agent that will also raise your lactate threshold. So it has herbal adaptogens. It's got Cordyceps, it's got alpha GPC. It's got all the good stuff that we wanted to put into max perform, but we put into a capsule instead. So take them together. They work awesome together. And let me know your thoughts.
Author: Mike Kesthely 

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