Group Nutrition Coaching
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Group Nutrition Coaching


What is group coaching?

The Nova 3 Labs group coaching Facebook page is a recipe for success. Together, we track your macros, body weight, body image, food intake, energy levels, mood, and training to make sure we are moving in the right direction.

What you receive after signing up:

The onboarding form (to be filled out ASAP)

Customized macros for training days and rest days

Weekly check-in spreadsheet

Access to the private Nova 3 Labs Nutrition Facebook group

Why choose a group setting?

Over the last several years, we have helped thousands of individuals. We have found that a group setting can also be beneficial in keeping you accountable while also prescribing customized nutrition with a personal coach. You might not have the budget for an individual coach, but you can still have access to an expert that will take your personal lifestyle and goals into account and aid you in your journey to success.

Upon completion of your onboarding form, you will be granted access to the private Nova 3 Labs nutrition facebook group where you will post your first post. After posting, your personal coach will comment within 24 hours with your macro prescription and any other advice. Upon reviewing your weekly feedback and progress, we will update the macros with adjustments for the following week. This process is repeated for as long as you choose to continue group coaching. The service is billed monthly automatically but may cancel at any time.