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Functional Diagnostic Testing

Get your hormones tested and inform yourself about the habits of your lifestyle

Functional diagnostic testing is a relatively new area of identifying, interpreting, & quantifying systems of dysfunction in both athletes and the general public. Through various lab values, we can pinpoint hormones and systems that have either been positively or negatively affected by lifestyle, training, nutrition, and genetics. Once identified, specific protocols, in addition to nutrition, can be used to both support and treat.

Adrenal Stress Profile: Tests 11 different hormone and adrenal values, and is a wealth of information as an initial test, as it can spot many areas of dysfunction in both athletes and folks dealing chronic issues. Pricing on this is $425.00, which includes a one-on-one interpretation/assessment and treatment protocol.

Metabolic Assessment Profile: Tests 3 functions of metabolic health: Indican, Lipid peroxides, and Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates (UBAS). These are markers of protein digestion efficiency, systemic oxidative stress, and liver function. Pricing is $225.00, which also includes a one-on-one interpretation/assessment and treatment protocol.

Food Sensitivity IgG Testing: Low grade chronic reactivity to common and occult foods can be problematic and difficult to diagnose; IgG testing for 93 different foods can take the guesswork out of traditional elimination diets, and help deal with many gastrointestinal and neurological conditions. Pricing is $325.00, which also includes a one-on-one interpretation/assessment and treatment protocol.

GI Pathogen Testing: Dysbiosis & overgrowth of common and uncommon parasites and fungi can be extremely problematic and are more common than client realize. The #401H test through BioHealth is a highly accurate test that pinpoints and quantifies the flora of the GI tract, leading to specific prescriptions for treatment resolution. Pricing is $450.00, which also includes a one-on-one interpretation/assessment and treatment protocol.,

Vitamin D3 25(OH)D Testing: One of the most important biomarkers for health and longevity is vitamin D status; modern day lifestyle does not lend itself to long hours in the sun, and authorities recommend avoiding sunlight exposure and using sunscreens. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but an important secosteroid involved in immunity and hormone synthesis. Pricing is $110.00

Other, more comprehensive labs are available based on client need, such Omega-3 index & Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis; also, single hormone values can be done for future follow-ups, such as a single estradiol or testosterone lab values.

These labs do NOT need to be started after Phase 3 of a nutritional profiling session, and are not essential to do with the nutritional consult; that said, for some clients, it’s imperative to get accurate diagnostics from the start. For others, it’s a peek-under-the-hood to see how the various topics in the Phases can be changed/altered for performance or health benefits.

For more detailed information on these Functional Diagnostic testing, and other nutritional services provided by Nova 3 Labs please contact us!