What does health and longevity mean?

Before looking into how to strive for health and longevity we first need to know what exactly we are trying to achieve. Therefore, the first step we need to do is define what does health and longevity means?

According to the dictionary the definition of health is “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit especially freedom from physical disease or pain“. The definition of longevity is “a long duration of individual life“.

Let’s take a look at the health continuum. If on one end, is sickness, the other end is health. In the middle would be homeostasis. Think of that as just being “average”, or normal. The healthier we are, the further away are going to be from sickness. As we get older, the healthier we are, we will build that buffer, so we can live longer and prosper. Health and Longevity may look different to different people, but here at Nova 3 we are committed to creating the healthiest version of yourself so you can move farther away from the sickness end of the health continuum and closer to the vital side.


However, it may mean something else to you. We want to help you get to you goals!



How to improve your health?

The master question of them all is HOW do you improve your health? Health isn’t only physical, it’s also mental as well. Nutrition, stress, and physical capabilities all fall within the bucket of health. Nutrition is SO key to improving your health. For example, your body is a Ferrari, it needs to take premium gas for it to run properly. If you put the cheap, regular gas in it, it won’t run as well! That’s food to your body. 
On top of nutrition, mental stress is essential to your health. You only have so many stresses you can manage at once in your life. Work stress, relationships, food and exercise are all stresses in your life. Finding a balance between all of these is so key to optimizing your health. A lot of that comes from good nutritional practices, mindfulness practices, and consistent exercise. It can be a lot of trial and error, as everyone is so different from each other. Overall, a solid balance of work, life, and fitness is essential to optimizing your health. 

Products we recommend

Max Adrenal

So, why do we recommend max adrenal? Enhance your energy and mind while optimizing hormonal health, mental focus, and overall well-being. 

Max Sleep

Sleep is essential for your health. A good nights sleep will help with your bodies energy and stress levels. A lack of sleep is added stress onto the body which can lead moving further away from the vital end of the health continuum. Max sleep will help your body fall asleep and STAY asleep. 

Max Rehab

Max Rehab was formulated to reduce inflammation in chronic and acute injuries, speed recovery time and increase soft tissue healing. The components in Max Rehab, like curcumin, Boswellia, and cissus, are all backed by human based trials reducing inflammation and helping athletes recover from injury. It is helpful to stay on top of your joint health! Take this if you constantly have knee, wrist, even finger chronic pain! OR if you want to be proactive and prevent this pain! This is also a wonderful tool to use for arthritis.

Products stacks we recommend

Shift Worker

The combination of max adrenal and max sleep is perfect for a shift worker. Somebody that works days and nights, sleep is something that can be troubling. Max Sleep is built to fix that problem by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. On top of that, combine it will max adrenal because with the odd working hours, your hormonal levels can be completely thrown off. Max Adrenal helps level those out which will enhance your energy and mental focus when you have to be focused during work! 

Joint Health

Combine max rehab, which will reduce inflammation, and max sleep which will put you to sleep and keep you asleep, your joints will thank you. A lack of sleep will increase inflammation and stress to the body to begin with so combining these two products will keep your joints healthier in the long run.

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