Individual Programming

Individual program design is for someone looking to take their fitness to the next level. With individual coaching, you will get a program delivered to you to maximize and reach your goals FASTER by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This isn’t just for elite athletes though. It’s for anyone who wants their very own coach that will build a program to your specific goals.


Nova 3 Fit is the core of a well balanced fitness program. This fitness program provides you with a 5-day a week program, which is usually involved with strength training, conditioning, or a mix of both, depending on the day. It’s suited for the person looking to be all around fit and ready for anything!

Affiliate Programming

Gym owners, take the stress out of programming for your gym and your members. We know it’s a ton of work and you already have a lot on your plate. That is what we’re here for. We can provide your gym with a smart, effective training program to suit your space, equipment, and demographic for your clients.

Nova3Training Programs

Delivered through TrainHeroic, an online fitness app, you can add these supplemental programs to your training! Have a specific goal in mind? grab one of these Nova3Training Programs that can be done before or after your workout to help improve something specific! It is perfect for additional accessory work. Each program takes about 20 minutes to complete! It’s a 1-time purchase so you will have your program FOREVER! Each program is 3 days per week for 4 total weeks. It equals to 12 total sessions!

Over 25 Years Of Combined Experience

Who We Are

Brian and Morgan met in the gym, fell in love in the gym and are raising their kids in the gym. It may be your typical gym love story, where the Coach meets the girl and they fall in love, but don’t be fooled, they are not JUST husband and wife, but also business partners. Both passionate about fitness and health, Nova 3 Performance became a natural evolution of their devotion to enact a shift in people’s mindset surrounding their health. For over 15 years, Brian has been coaching individuals of all capabilities. Being a competitive athlete his entire life, and always having health at the forefront of his mind, it was a natural transition for Brian to begin coaching and sharing his knowledge. Working with a very diverse group of individuals with a multitude of different goals and focuses, Brian has had the opportunity to really dive into the science behind fitness and discover more about what breeds success in the health and fitness industry. Brian’s current focus is coaching Coaches as well as a group of fitness enthusiasts dedicated to growth. His core belief is that every single person is different and your success within the gym will be dictated by your ability to tap into what makes you unique. What keeps Brian going? He wants to be the reason you don’t quit.

Individual Programming

  • Daily Customized Training
  • Your Own Coach Who Cares
  • Movement Assessment
  • Basic Mindset and Nutrition Guidance
  • Check-ins With Coach
  • Feedback From Coach
  • Delivered Through True Coach App
  • Reach Goals Faster


  • 5 Times Per Week Training
  • Scaling and Modifications Provided
  • ~ 60 Minutes Training Sessions
  • Delivered Through Train Heroic App
  • Get In Shape and Stay In Shape
  • Skilled Progressions

Affiliate Programming

  • Weekly Customized Programming
  • Scaling Options and Suggestions
  • Warm Up Options and Suggestions
  • Monthly Check-in’s Via Phone Call or Skype
  • Check-ins With Coach
  • Feedback From Coach

For years I had participated in Crossfit classes but always wanted more. When I was looking to take my fitness to the next level, Brian and his family welcomed me into the Nova family. I say family because it’s never just been about the workouts. He pushes me to find success in all parts of my life. With Brian’s programming, I can feel myself changing both physically and mentally. I knew I could put in the work, I just needed thoughtful programming and a coach who believes in me. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Cassandra Erb, Nova 3 Performance Athlete (Crossfit)

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