Individual Nutrition Coaching

In our personalized, individual nutrition coaching program, we’re with you for every single step of your training program. You will learn how to eat so that your body can function the way it was designed to – giving you the energy to maximize your performance and help you reach your goals. Our program is based on based on science and real evidence to teach you how real food can transform your mind and body.

Finally, you have a dedicated nutritionist that is always just a call or text away. Not to mention, a program that has been customized for you and you alone

How Do I Start?

Our process is simple:

First Step

Submit this personal coaching application below!


Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll get contacted by one of the Nova 3 Labs nutrition coaches within 24 hours


On the call, we will discuss the program that best fits your needs


Then we will get you set up with your dedicated nutrition coach, book your first appointment, and get you on your way to a healthier, simpler life.

What Happens At Our First Appointment?

We’ll discuss your health and medical history, current eating habits and preferences, overall lifestyle and personal goals—and all of this will help your nutrition coach to identify your individual needs and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed and reach your goals.
Following your appointment, we’ll send you a Customized Nutrition Prescription with the recommendations, guidelines, structured macronutrient numbers and targets discussed at your first session. Follow-up weekly phone calls or Skype calls are focused on accountability, assessment of goal-meeting progress, further nutrition education, addressing challenges or problem areas, answering any food, nutrition, exercise or health questions that may arise, and helping you to stay motivated and inspired!

I have been working with Mike and using Max Adrenal for just over 1 year. I have been a part of the CrossFit world for 5 years, and have more recently joined a Weightlifting team. Through focusing on nutrition and adrenal health I have seen more performance gains in the last year than I have my entire CrossFit career! Since working with Mike I have put nearly 30kg on my weightlifting total, qualified and competed at BCWA provincials, and crushed numerous old CrossFit benchmark scores (just to name a few things). Being diagnosed with Lupus in 2006, I have struggled with my health ever since. Mike (being the genius that he is), has helped me control and maintain my condition better than any doctor or specialist I’ve encountered. If nutrition and Max Adrenal can have such a big impact, I would love to see what Nova 3 Labs’ other performance products can do for me! The Open is quickly approaching, and I plan to crush it this year. Training for BCWA Nationals 2018 starts NOW, and I want to fuel my body with the best product out there!

Dallyn Giroux

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