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IMG_3215It’s here. AGAIN. FINALLY.

—Written by Mike Kesthely

Well, it’s been nearly a year in the works, but we FINALLY have our hands on a (substantial) quantity of Max Adrenal 2.0. Lets just say that I’m pretty damn happy about this—and that’s the understatement of the century. I have to throw HUGE props to Jason Phillips for making this happen the 2nd time around. This time last year I was at the point of shutting down DN, selling off what Max Adrenal I had left, and moving on. He forged ahead, found new a new supplier, brought new marketing life into DN, and re-vitalized the brand and company. While I may have come up with the formula and application, he made sure it didn’t disappear and become forgotten.

IMG_3214Currently residing in a Phoenix garage…but not for long

So, main points:

  • Different bottle. Yup, a bit of a change-up, we got away from the multi-pill sachet and went with a simple 3 cap dose, 90 count bottle. Still a 1 month supply.
  • Altered formula. Wait, WTF?!! Yes. I did my due diligence and kept looking into the ingredients—this is a product I wanted BACKED by science, not just anecdote. I pulled out the adrenal and spleen concentrate. Why? The proven science is JUST NOT THERE to have it included. I scoured journals and resources, and while it’s toted by naturopaths as being effective, humans trials are non-existent. Also, it is IMPOSSIBLE to source a standardized extract—because the makeup of glandulars cannot be standardized. If I cannot know the exact dose a client is getting, then I do not want it in there, period.
  • Same price. This has not changed, but we are insanely happy to be able to offer better wholesale pricing to gyms.
  • Website: WWW.MAXADRENAL.COM we wanted to create a stand-alone website, and the ability to purchase beyond using PayPal
  • BACK ORDERS: Let me state THESE ARE A PRIORITY. We are working to get these out ASAP. Folks have been AMAZINGLY patient in waiting for their orders—some that go back to last summer. I say that with a huge amount of redness in my face. I learned a lot dealing with a manufacturer that could not follow through, and I unfortunately did not follow through for my customers. Both US based and CAN customers with orders waiting WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF. The fact I have not gotten (many) nasty emails still amazes me.
  • The 2nd addition to the DN line is already IN THE WORKS. It will stack amazingly well with Max Adrenal, and is aimed at a night time intake (really, could I give it away anymore?). Lets just say I have over 20 years of research into this. Hint: I’m a shiftworker that is always chasing OPTIMAL SLEEP.
  • It’s going to ship from Phoenix, AZ. This presents a slight delay for CAN customers, but not much. And for those Canucks looking for wholesale, we are looking into getting larger quantities shipped up this way. #learningcurve

And, well, that’s it. Jason, Kegan, and myself will be recording Feed The Machine episode #5 on Friday—and I have LOVED all the input I’ve been getting from folks, we’ve been getting great questions and awesome comments. I’m sure we’ll be talking more about Max Adrenal. Bottom line is I have an absolute blast recording that podcast, I can’t wait to do it every week.

Questions, comments, want to rant—you know where to get ahold of us!