Kyle Tiringer

Kyle Tiringer is a loving husband and a father to his young boy, along with two furry tailed little girls… whom of which are named after CrossFit workouts. Growing up he played every sport under the sun, but focused mainly on wrestling, football and kickboxing. While kickboxing, Kyle dabbled simultaneously with modeling & acting but quickly realized it wasn’t a good look to arrive at auditions with black eyes. Kyle loved to compete, but he also loved the process of training. In 2008, he incorporated CrossFit into his training, and the sparks flew. He knew he had a model that himself along with others. In 2010, he decided to open Port CrossFit. Short after, he focused his attention on competing in the sport of CrossFit ranging from local competitions to sanctional events. Outside of CrossFit, Kyle is an outside salesman in the building material industry, whos perfect day wouldn't start with anything other than Starbucks coffee, contain 1 or 2 solid dad jokes, and finish with an endless bowl of Italian food.

Kyle's favorite stack