So that funny-lookin’ dude is supposed to be me running with perfect POSE technique. Yeah, not so much. Today was part two of a mini-cert in POSE technique; David and Ryno went to Tuscon, AZ, to do the Crossfit Endurance certification. We are now an affiliate of CF Endurance, and Dave and Ryno will now be doing these seminars for the members.
A little about POSE:
Today we went through some refresher drills; most of these involve “pulling” with your hamstring, and learning to forward lean while running. I wore my Chucks today, which are really flat and thin, so I could definately feel when I was heel striking. My gait felt better, but the vid analyses at the end didn’t show a whole lot of improvement.

It’s been frustrating trying to pick this up, but that just means I’ll have to practice a LOT more. It’d be nice to get out and do another 5k before the white stuff flies.

Death By Ten Meters
Just like Death by any other means in Crossfit, this one involves 10m sprints; 1 in the first minute, 2 (20m, there and back) in the second, and so on and so forth. I got to 10 quite easily, and I think 13 would be in range, perhaps 15, which is what David pulled off in Tuscon. Considering how much sleep I DIDN’T get, and how much tequila (Tuh-Kill-Yah?) I drank last night, I felt pretty damn decent after this.

Kat had the kids coming in at 1PM and we were running late, so I pulled the plug at 10. I’ll have to do this one again, soon.

I’m working the PFA fights tonight, doing the ringside medical; I always like doing this, as it’s the one thing that kinda keeps me connected with the MMA crowd, but I’d much rather spend it with Tam just chillin’. I’m off to Red Deer tomorrow for two weeks of high-angle rescue training, so I may not be posting for a while, depending on time/internet connection/and how and where I can train. I’d like to hit up Jason Macdonald’s CF at least once.