• Absolute Strength

      $ 65.99

      The Nova3 Strength program is to help improve absolute strength. Focusing on the squat, bench press, and deadlift, combined with bodybuilding accessory work and supplementing power cleans.…

    • Aerobic Capacity

      $ 49.99

      Trouble on the machines? Grab this program to build your capacity on the bike and rower and have them be an issue no more. This program is…

    • Bulletproof Shoulders

      $ 49.99

      Nagging shoulders? Use this program to help strengthen your shoulders and make them bulletproof and resilient!  This program is delivered through TrainHeroic, an online fitness app, you…

    • Competition Prep

      $ 99.99

      The Nova3 Competition Prep training program will help you prep for your next upcoming competition! It comes with modifications for all levels of fitness. It will build…

    • Improve Your Squat

      $ 49.99

      Lower body work to help improve strength and specifically, your squat. Targeting mostly glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  This program is delivered through TrainHeroic, an online fitness app,…

    • Nova3Fit

      $ 24.99 / month

      Nova 3 Fit is the core of a well balanced fitness program. This fitness program provides you with a 5-day a week program, which is usually involved…

    • Upper Body 1.0

      $ 49.99

      Upper body work to help you with handstand push ups, pull ups, strict pull ups – you name it. This is the accessory program to improve upper…

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