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Max Adrenal

Great supplement. I can tell a difference with my energy levels. 

– Hunter R. Owen

Max Capacity

I’m on my second bottle of Max Capacity and it’s been a game changer for me in the gym. Along with my diet, it’s been allowing me to push through these hellish workouts at the box. My cardiovascular endurance hasn’t been much for the past many years and I’ve been working on it, cordyceps products have always helped add another lung for me. Needless to say, this will stay in my cabinet while I continue to participate in Crossfit.

Nicholas B. Boysel

Max Capacity

I love max capacity because it doesn’t have the caffeine like normal pre-workouts and I definitely feel better in my workouts and have more focus during them, too. The adaptogens in this are a game-changer!

– Ashleigh

Max Sleep

Absolutely love this stuff, puts me right to sleep and I always wake up feeling rested!

Aaron Saavedra

Max Perform Grape

I like the product a lot and have found that my performance in the gym has improved from using it!! I just wish there was a non-caffeinated version that I could drink throughout the day. The grape flavor is also a little intense for my taste, I prefer a half scoop taste wise so I usually end up watering down my full scoop. 

–  Suzi A

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