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Reduce Inflammation

Recover Faster

Increase Soft Tissue Healing

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Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Take a look at our ingredients and see their true form before we compact them into the bottle!

Piperine (Bioperine®)

Piperine increases nutrient absorption. When curcumin is taken on its own you only absorb a fraction of what is ingested. Combine it with piperine and you will increase the uptake of the nutrients! 

Boswellia Serrata

Anti- inflammatory commonly used for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain (rheumatism), fluid filled pads in the joints (bursitis), and swelling of tendons (tendonitis).

Cissus Quadranglularis

Used by common folk in India to hasten the fracture healing process. Studies show reduced pain/increased muscle relaxation with use.


Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, increases dopamine levels, can significantly reduce chronic pain.

Health and Longevity

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce chronic pain, increase your joint health, and help with acute injuries!

Increase Soft Tissue Healing

Recover faster!

Increase Nutrient Uptake

Piperine enhance bioavailability

Backed By Science

Each ingredient has been back by studies and research. Which can be found in the ingredients lists below!

Firefighter Created

Mike Kesthely a firefighter, paramedic, and a mad scientist created all the formulas

All Natural

We are proud to be all natural. Healing our bodies with ingredients from the Earth.

All the inflammation reducing ingredients i used to take and some new ones. All in the same place. Wish i had this product years ago when i was still an Elite level Gymnast.

Francis Defreitas

Max Rehab Component Breakdown

 A plant native to South Asia but now found worldwide; it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine throughout history. Studies show reduced pain/increased muscle relaxation with use, and preliminary studies show potential for increased bone healing rate


Turmeric is a common plant of ginger family found throughout southern Asia. Curcumin is the active component in turmeric, and exhibits strong systemic anti-inflammatory action that has shown efficacy in soft tissue & bone trauma, brain trauma, chronic diseases of cognition, and inflammatory bowel disorders


 A species of tree that is commonly known to produce the fragrant resin frankincense. Boswellia, like Turmeric, is also highly anti-inflammatory, due to the specific boswellic acid AKBA.


An extract from black pepper, piperine can increase the bioavailability of co-ingested nutrients through inhibition of cytochrome P450, p-glycoprotein, and reducing hepatic glucuronidation.


Weight 210 g

6 reviews for Max Rehab

  1. Mr. Francis s Defreitas

    all the inflammation reducing ingredients i used to take and some new ones. All in the same place. Wish i had this product years ago when i was still an Elite level Gymnast.

  2. Ashleigh

    As some one that does CrossFit, inflammation is something that is ‘normal’ for me, and this product has helped reduce that from hard training sessions and keep me healthy for the days to come!

  3. Jessica Allen

    Great product with no side effects. Aids in muscle recovery and eases soreness.

  4. Rommel Quintero

    We bought this product because we are people that workout and sometimes we have to deal with inflamation and soreness. After around 2 weeks of use I can feel some improvement in my recovery: takes little less time and I can feel less sore (soreness is still present which is normal after working out). I heard that takes more that 3 weeks to kick in so I will see if it gets better. I think the price is fair considering the amount of pills and the fact that it combines 3 different ingredients.

  5. Luke Ruebbelke

    Supplements are tricky because it is hard to establish a causal relationship to a single supplement especially if you are taking it in a stack. With that said, I have been taking a NOVA stack for a couple months and am really pleased with the results. When I travel or fail to keep up, things regress backward and I lose my “pop”. Recovery takes longer and I feel more exhausted.

  6. Jeffrey Prejean (verified owner)

    As a masters athlete I spend as much time on my recovery as I do my training. I found in Max Rehab a reliable and effective supplement with tumeric – exactly what I was looking for! Love the entire Nova 3 line! Been a #nova3athlete for years now!

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