Shift Worker Stack

Shift Worker Stack

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The combination of max adrenal and max sleep is perfect for a shift worker. Somebody that works days and nights, sleep is something that can be troubling. Max Sleep is built to fix that problem by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. On top of that, combine it will max adrenal because with the odd working hours, your hormonal levels can be completely thrown off. Max Adrenal helps level those out which will enhance your energy and mental focus when you have to be focused during work! 

Max Adrenal:
It was formulated out of a need for a superior adrenal product on the market. It is an adrenal support formula that targets both the body and mind to enhance energy, optimize hormones, increase mental focus, and improve well-being. If you are curious about if Max Adrenal is for you, read some testimonials here.

Max Sleep:
Max Sleep is a multi-component sleep formula that is designed to help you get to sleep, and STAY asleep; each ingredient serves a specific purpose in the sleep cycle. Who is it for? Anyone looking to optimize sleep for health, performance recovery, and generalized well-being.  Sleep is EVERYTHING, and without it, we have nothing.

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