Max Recovery Protein

Max Recovery Protein

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Max Recovery + Protein is designed to be a one stop shop for full body recovery after every workout. High quality carbohydrates and whey isolate protein mix with water to provide a well balanced post-workout recovery shake.

Use Max Recovery + Protein to support these physical functions:

  • Enhance your glycogen repletion (needed to rebuild after every practice, training session, or workout where you expend energy)
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Exit the GI tract — quickly digested and absorbed by your body for fast recovery, but slow to break down in the blood stream for continued benefit.
  • Increase the rate at which your body re-fills its glycogen stores– give your body what it need after intense training immediately to recovery as fast as possible to feel good and hit the gym post-workout helps repair the micro-tears in your muscles, helping you build strength and stamina.

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Corosolic acid

Banaba leaf

Corosolic Acid is one of the main components of Banaba Leaf. Corosolic Acid is utilized by the body to break down carbohydrates (glycolysis). Also of note, an ellagitannin from banaba, lagerstroemin, appears to act as an agonist of the insulin receptor, improving glucose uptake

Recover Faster

Increase Glucose Uptake

This is crucial to replenish your energy stores after a training session, workout or practice!

Whey Isolate

Aides in repairing micro-tears in your muscles to help build strength and stamina

Absorbed Fast

Absorbed fast into the body but slow to breakdown in the blood stream for long-lasting benefits!

Art direction

Each ingredient has been back by studies and research. Which can be found in the ingredients lists below!

Firefighter Created

Mike Kesthely a firefighter, paramedic, and a mad scientist created all the formulas

All Natural

We are proud to be all natural. Healing our bodies with ingredients from the Earth.

Great ingredients for post workout recovery! If you feel like death after a workout, try this, you'll be surprised how much faster you get back to normal!
Francis Defreitas

Max Recovery Component Breakdown

A high molecular weight glucose polymer.  What does this mean, compared to regular glucose (dextrose)?  Because of the molecular weight and low osmality, it 1) exits the stomach quick, 2) is rapidly taken up in the small intestine, and 3) has sustained breakdown in the bloodstream due to being a longer polymer chain.

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Banaba leaf (lagerstroemia speciosa) is a species of tree native to Southeast Asia.  The leaves have been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a tea preparation.  One of the main components of the leaves, corosolic acid, is utilized by the body to break down carbohydrates (glycolysis).  Also of note, an ellagitannin from banaba, lagerstroemin, appears to act as an agonist of the insulin receptor, improving glucose uptake.

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ALA is a naturally occurring mitochondrial fatty acid that acts predominantly as an antioxidant; it is also essential for aerobic metabolism.  Studies have shown various effects on blood glucose, including better glycemic control, and enhanced uptake of creatine.

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Whey is a by-product of dairy production, and one of the two proteins found in    dairy. Isolates are 90% protein by weight, and the whey has been isolated away from other components such as the immunoglobulins and lactose.  The BVP (bioavailability) of whey isolate can reach as high as 150+, making it one of the most efficient protein sources available.

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Suggested Use:

Mix one serving (2 scoops) in 8-12 fl. oz. of water or your post-workout beverage of choice and consume within 30 minutes post-workout.

Weight 1698 g


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