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In my last post, I talked about the Autoimmune Protocol, and how beneficial it is to uncover inflammatory foods in your diet. I wanted to expand on that and open a conversation about herbal supplements, mainly ones that can help support a healthy digestive system as well as lower your response to stress, and boost your energy levels. All of these factors are connected through your adrenal gland, which in most of us is underperforming, most of the time. This is largely due to our bodies being overworked and under-recovered from the stress of our diet and external factors like our jobs and how we train in the gym.

But I handle stress really well.

That may be possible, or another possibility is that you aren’t handling it at all and you are just ignoring or pushing down things that may stress you out. The latter is way more common than you think, especially in cases of work stress, or even stress from your personal life.

Do you feel like you are constantly trying to catch up on sleep? Like even if you get a full 8 hours, that you still feel tired throughout the day? That’s stress (and also most likely poor quality of sleep, which is also caused by and in turn causes more stress).

Are you someone who always has a cold or gets sick frequently? The immune system can suffer as a result of your body being run down.

But I eat a LOT of food?

That’s great. Still not enough. Also, probably not the sufficient amount of micronutrients in your foods if you really think it isn’t a quantity issue. This argument comes up a lot in the gym, especially with our members looking to lose weight. The additional stress you put on your body from exercise, on top of all the other stressors impacting your daily existence, will eventually lead you to injury if you are not properly fueling yourself each and every day.

So here’s the solution

Eat more REAL food, drink more water (like WAY more), and get more [QUALITY] sleep.

If you are doing all of those things, you still might need to jumpstart your body into better recovery, so here’s where adrenal support comes in. Arenal support in the form of a supplement has a combination of different herbs that promote a healthy immune system, digestive system, as well as promotes internal stress management. Here is what to look for in a quality Adrenal Support supplement:

Rhodiola Rosea an adaptogenic herb that mediates the body’s stress response through regulating cortisol.

Ashwaghanda a root that is typically used to combat stress-related sleep issues.

Ginseng a root used to combat exhaustion, compromised immunity, and mediate the body’s reaction to stress

These are just some of the big names to look for in an adrenal support supplement, however, there are many other herbs and vitamins that are combined with these to improve your body’s ability to fight stress from a diet, exercise, and external life factors.

I recently came across Nova3 Labs, and their wide array of supplements aimed to help athletes and non-athletes alike perform at their best whatever their lives require of them. I became so interested in their specific adrenal support supplement, (Max Adrenal) not only because of the blend of vitamins and herbs it had in it but also what they omitted from their product. If you look at their various supplements, you will see vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. What you won’t see, however, is chemically altered products. This is huge in an industry that still is just starting to be regulated, and where buzz words are thrown around to influence anyone to purchase anything that is deemed the secret pill that will get you fitter or stronger faster.

Nova 3 Max Adrenal (find it here) is comprised of a list of herbs and vitamins that naturally boost your immune system (Vitamin C), mediates your body’s response to stress (Ginseng), and improves brain function and mood (Bacopa & Magnolia Officinalis). Many adrenal supplements have the bare minimum, but I was so interested in Max Adrenal because of the full system approach to adrenal support rather than having to supplement those herbs elsewhere, which, let’s be real, most of you won’t do because of #money. If you think you might benefit from an adrenal support supplement, I’d highly recommend checking out Nova3 Labs.

Since using an adrenal support supplement, my recovery has been more efficient and my body bounces back from high-stress workouts faster, and I don’t feel as tired or cranky throughout the day. I stopped drinking coffee about a month ago (sad, I know, but AIP called for no coffee) and I haven’t felt like I need an extra kick to get fired up about training, and I’m not as tired aafterward I even feel more motivated to get through my programming, regardless of if I’m doing it alone or with my training partners, which is a big deal because I used to ONLY train if I had someone to push me through it. Now I’m a big girl, and I can keep myself focused and on track to get through my programming alone. I had been taking a different adrenal support supplement prior to Max Adrenal, and I didn’t notice as much of an energy or mood improvement as I do now. Even in terms of stress regulation, I was feeling overwhelmed for the better half of the beginning of this year, to the point where I gave up some of my CrossFit classes to other coaches. However, I just recently picked up classes and new clients all without the stress of not knowing how to manage them, which is HUGE, especially for anyone who gets overwhelmed easily. If you are a competitive athlete, or even just someone looking to feel better to do the things they love, check out the natural supplement route- you won’t be disappointed.

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