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Nutritional Profiling is a comprehensive and very individualized procedure that will affect all areas of your life. By taking a detailed snapshot of your current lifestyle and adding in your personal goals and what you want to accomplish, we will be able to devise a dynamic nutritional program that changes and grows alongside you and your goals. Our client list ranges from professional MMA athletes, folks looking to put auto-immune disorders into remission, endurance athletes looking for faster times, CrossFit athletes of all skill and levels, to clients who only want to improve their body composition.

Before offering advice/profiling, we will ask you for detailed information on your background, goals, and current nutrition regime, including some of the following:

  • Age/Gender/Height/Weight
  • Current Training Regime
  • Goals, be it Performance, Body Composition, or General Health
  • Current/Past Medical Conditions
  • Allergies/Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Current Medications & Supplements
  • Current nutritional and supplemental regime if any.

The consulting process involves regular contact via Skype/phone every 10-14 days, as well as unlimited email/text. Topics covered include

  • Macro prescription based on goals and caloric needs
  • Protein
  • Hydration
  • Food Quality & Frequency
  • Carbohydrate Type, Timing, and Intake
  • Fat Sources, Quality, and Proper Intake
  • Recommended Supplements, Dosing, & Timing
  • Functional diagnostic lab testing & implementing appropriate protocols.

Each profile is done in an individual manner, tailored to your needs, goals, and issues. We correspond by email, in person, or over phone/Skype.


Functional diagnostic testing is a relatively new area of identifying, interpreting, & quantifying systems of dysfunction in both athletes and the general public.