So Who Is Max Adrenal For?


Something I never mentioned, part of the reason I created this was for ME. Yup, there I said it, I’m a selfish bastard. In reality, anyone that knows me, knows I tend to try and do too much, all the time. I regularly consult with my clients regarding stress/manifestations of stress, and a huge part of that is dealing with how much stress that individual can handle. In my own endeavors, I’m my own worst enemy, and stress takes its toll on me. Husband, Firefighter, Father, Shiftwork, Business…and the biggest piece is *trying* (keyword: trying) to be an athlete. That last bit is usually the tipping point for most folks. Training is a HUGE stressor, and if we consider mixed-modal training, that’s one fuck-ton of a LOT of stress, at ANY level, from novice to advanced. People usually fail to see how their training can seriously fuck them up. This is why I’m an absolute advocate of personalized, individualized programming. Yes, you can make gains and progress by doing group/generalized programming, but 1) it’s not as effective, and 2) you can tank yourself quick if other factors (I.E, life) are not dialed. I think I’ve met 2 people that had every aspect of stress in their life dialed. And neither of which were CF athletes, so read into that as much as you like.

So, since it’s launch, I’ve gotten a quite a few emails on feedback, which I’ll get into in a bit. One of the questions which made me realize I need some clarity on “Application & Use” is Who Is Max Adrenal Designed For?

  • Not just “elite athletes”. This seems quite obvious, as I’ve been using it since MYSELF pre-launch, ha! This seems to be a huge misconception.
  • Anyone dealing with an abundance of stress. Now, this is subjective, and technically could be anyone in North America. So, do you:
  1. Find energy levels low in the AM?
  2. “Tired and Wired” at night?
  3. Mood alterations, have issues w/ tolerance of others, easily angered? (fuck, I swear, this is my whole platoon at work! Downtown Firehall #1 = not a better group of guys I’d want to work with, but explosive is an understatement)
  4. Need to wear sunglasses all the time? Yes, I’m serious. This signifies low cortisol secretion
  5. HUGE energy drop post-workout
  6. Sleep issues—both inability to fall asleep and frequent wakings?
  7. Reduced libido. And I do not mean “function”. Libido, or desire, is driven from the CNS, and affected by HPA-adrenal dysfunction.
  8. Reduced mental cognition and memory—one of the biggest indicators of inability to handle stress and adrenal dysfunction

I know, it seems like a very general and all-encompassing list. Empirically I’ve seen ALL of these conjugation with low cortisol/DHEA/Testosterone on lab tests in hundreds of clients.

Current Feedback

So I fired out a bunch of Max Adrenal to clients/athletes from a lot of different demographics; some I had seen previous labs, some I had not. I asked for feedback, and this is what I received:

“Just finished my first bottle a few days ago so I’ve been taking MA a little over a month now. So far what I’ve noticed is….
1) Better sleep quality. I was already getting around 9-10 hours a night, but ive been sleeping a lot deeper. Where before I’d be in and out of sleep from 3:30am to 6:30am now ive been sleeping through the night. (i’ve also noticed that since beginning to take MA ive been having lucid dreams 3-4 nights a week which I had never gotten in my life before… weird).
2) I have an easier time getting the engine revved up to train/ also have better energy and mental clarity in training (similar to how I felt while taking the licorice root for low AM cortisol).
3) Feeling more aggressive in training/ hungrier to get after it
These aren’t very quantifiable things, but I’ve had every aspect of my life dialed in to the smallest degree for the past few years that I can notice changes fairly well. I’ve also made sure that I didn’t change any of my other supplements etc so that max adrenal was the only variable as I wanted to get a little n=1 data here (I track ASI type metrics, my fuel intake, sleep etc and then rate my training on a given day to try and find trends and since taking the max adrenal I’ve had higher scores on my weekly average for training)”
–>Probably thee most analytical & detailed feedback I’ve had—and I know this individual well, a very precise athlete and coach, & hormone testing was done previous so I was interested to hear his feedback.
“Find that I’m not needing as much coffee throughout the day. Not hitting a wall in the afternoon, and definitely have more energy to throw at workouts.The most important thing so far has been in regards to shift work… as you know it can really fuck with energy levels and sleep patterns. Normally coming off of nights I would be in a fog and miserable by the afternoon. Now its not bad at all!!”
–>Hard-charging, high level athlete and shiftworker; obviously dealing with a boatload of stressors daily and weekly.
“I’m waking up with morning wood every day now”
->Not feedback I actually expected, but it clearly makes sense: adaptogens decreases stress perception, both conscious and unconscious. When that happens, parasympathetic can become more dominate, and steroid hormone cascade system works better. Bam, feed n’ breed kicks up a notch.
I do notice that I have not had any ‘acne’ around my jaw line which indicates that my hormones are much better and my sleep is very consistent, not waking at 2am that much either.”
–>Hormone imbalance is a complex issue, and *EXACTLY* how adaptogens regulate this is still a mystery, BUT what we do know is that (and I’ve mentioned this before) they attenuate the stress response, either dampen or enhance, depedning on the situation. And, less stress = better sleep, as cortisol blocks the secretion of melatonin.