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The Story Of Nova3Labs

Nova 3 Labs is the evolution of the brainchild created by Mike Kesthely. It all started many years ago with Dynamic Nutrition, well before a supplement was ever created. Mike is a firefighter, paramedic, nutrition coach and fitness enthusiast. As a shift worker in the first responder world, a consistent sleep schedule is virtually impossible. It is not uncommon to fall asleep for an hour when the alarm bell sounds, alerting you to jump into action. Being very passionate about his career as a first responder, Mike paid very close attention to the noticed that others surrounding him, were also struggling with energy due to the inconsistent sleep patterns that were a side effect of shift work. Many sleep supplements were not an option while on-shift since most required a solid night sleep to avoid grogginess….


My name is Paige Semenza. My favorite product from Nova3 is Max Adrenal. I love Max Adrenal because it really helps kick start my day. I take it every day no matter what. Boosts my energy levels throughout the day. Regulates my cortisol levels and keeps my focus on point. I never really have a crash, so that mid-day coffee -- I don’t need that.

Paige Semenza

Max Adrenal

I am a coach and owner at Frontier Performance and an athlete. My favourite supplement right now is Max Adrenal. It’s my favourite because before I started taking it I was overtrained and exhausted and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to normal. I found that Nova3’s Max Adrenal gave me the ability to kind of find my balance again. I didn’t have these big spikes of energy and big dips of energy. I was able to kind of maintain throughout the day if I took it consistently. It’s the best!

Shawn Lukascy

Max Adrenal

I work a full time job, so instead of having that second or third cup of coffee during the day I choose to take Max Adrenal to help boost my energy levels and regulate my hormones. It makes all the difference in the world when I have to go to my training session and I feel energized and ready to go!

Rachel Blong

Max Adrenal

I really enjoy Max Capacity because it gives me the ability to focus during my WOD (workout of the day) and gives me lots of energy to through it!

Suzanne Boyd

Max Capacity

I love max capacity because it doesn't have the caffeine like normal pre-workouts and I definitely feel better in my workouts and have more focus during them, too. The adaptogens in this are a game-changer!


Max Capacity

I'm on my second bottle of Max Capacity and it's been a game changer for me in the gym. Along with my diet, it's been allowing me to push through these hellish workouts at the box. My cardiovascular endurance hasn't been much for the past many years and I've been working on it, cordyceps products have always helped add another lung for me. Needless to say, this will stay in my cabinet while I continue to participate in Crossfit.

Nicholas B. Boysel

Max Capacity

I've been using this product for several months now. I've felt more sustained energy throughout the day as well. This product is a keeper. Thank you!

Rachel Sanchez

Max Capacity

It really works at pushing me past my usual stopping point. I ran longer, could focus more and had a higher work threshold- good stuff

V. Bowen

Max Capacity

I LOVE this product! I suffer from depersonalization and this makes me feel normal again. It's the only product that keeps me feeling amazing!


Max Capacity

The reason I like Max Perform Grape flavor is because I am able to get a pre-workout caffeine boost and a little bit of energy without having all the tingles and all the side effects if most pre-workouts on the market and even if I need something mid-day work it’s the perfect amount of BCAAs and Caffeine to get my thorugh the day

Pete Nellis

Max Perform

This has been a great pre-workout for me. I particularly like that it has less than 100mg of caffeine per serving. I am also really enjoying the grape flavor.

C. Foret

Max Perform Grape

It a very clean energy feeling that I get from the preworkout. Mix very well, nice taste. Will stick with this product line

Demetrious Hughey

Max Perform RBC

Tastes good and doesn’t leave me itchy or tingly! No weird aftertaste or texture in the mouth!


Max Perform Grape

Love this product for preworkout or just for a mid day pick-me-up! The taste is amazing.

Richard Imhoff

Max Perform Grape

Good flavor. Provides extra energy during runs. Helped maintain mental focus, especially on long runs

Jason G. Willis

Max Perform Grape

Tastes good and works well with Max Capacity

Chris Hovis – Max Perform Grape

Max Perform Grape

My name is Ethan Helbig. My favorite Nova product is Max Recovery. Reason I like Max Recovery is because it helps to kick start my recovery process after a workout. Being a big guy, I got a lot of macros to hit and carbs are one of the hard ones. Getting carbs in after a quick workout helps get my day going.

Ethan Helbig

Max Recovery

Great product with no side effects. Aids in muscle recovery and eases soreness.

Jessica Allen

Max Rehab

As some one that does CrossFit, inflammation is something that is 'normal' for me, and this product has helped reduce that from hard training sessions and keep me healthy for the days to come!


Max Rehab

We bought this product because we are people that workout and sometimes we have to deal with inflamation and soreness. After around 2 weeks of use I can feel some improvement in my recovery: takes little less time and I can feel less sore (soreness is still present which is normal after working out). I heard that takes more that 3 weeks to kick in so I will see if it gets better. I think the price is fair considering the amount of pills and the fact that it combines 3 different ingredients.

Rommel Quintero

Max Rehab

Supplements are tricky because it is hard to establish a causal relationship to a single supplement especially if you are taking it in a stack. With that said, I have been taking a NOVA stack for a couple months and am really pleased with the results. When I travel or fail to keep up, things regress backward and I lose my "pop". Recovery takes longer and I feel more exhausted.

Luke Ruebbelke

Max Rehab

all the inflammation reducing ingredients i used to take and some new ones. All in the same place. Wish i had this product years ago when i was still an Elite level Gymnast.

Mr Francis s Defrietas

Max Rehab

I am a CrossFit Coach and the one thing that I do know as a coach and also as an ex-athlete is that sleep is super important not only for performance also just for being a normal human being. Max Sleep is a product that I use a lot today and what I suggest my athletes to take when they’re in any cycle of training. Sleep is always a priority. If you have difficulty sleeping or if you just want a regular sleeping pattern, Max Sleep is really the supplement to take.

Michele Letendre

Max Sleep

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