They are called Supplements for a REASON!

They are called Supplements for a REASON! 

Because they are meant to “supplement” your diet and lifestyle. 🍎 

Too many times I have someone hoping for a “magic pill” - to lose weight, support recovery or sleep better.

Can magnesium help blood sugar regulation, reduce muscle soreness and improve sleep? Yes! Especially for those working out at high intensities and depleting their stores quickly! In fact, one can see quite drastic improvements in sleep and muscles spasms after just a few nights!

But does this mean they don’t have to eat their proteins, carbs, and greens? Can they just skip stretching and cool down? Eat 5 cupcakes a day post-workout instead of a high nutrient meal? Drink coffee, watch 5 hours of TV, workout right before bed & still expect to get a beauty sleep? No!

Supplements can help smooth the ripples & increase our quality of life but they can’t calm the waves in a storm. ⚡️

Author: Aryn Bartoshyk 

Naturopathic Doctor

Rise Health, Victoria, BC


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